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Thin Yet Strong


Introducer Kit

APT Medical Braidin™ hemostasis introducer with braided metal mesh structure is designed to provide the thin wall and large lumen, while maintaining the excellent kink resistance, to help you win the first step in transradial procedures.


Metal Mesh Braided Structure for Optimal Kink Resistance

- Braided shaft to provide excellent kink resistance and very small outer diameter

Thinner Wall and Smaller Outer Diameter Design

- The thin wall design reduces the outer diameter of the sheath and minimizes patients' discomfort and pain

Making CTO Approachable via Radial and Distal Radial Artery

- Facilitates hemostasis and allows for free movement of hand

- Significantly reduced complication rates compared to Transfemoral approach

Smooth and Easy Insertion

- Smooth tapered transition reduces puncture resistance and the incidence of complications

- Distal hydrophilic coating to enhance the smoothness

Full Range of Sizes and Specifications

- Over eighty eight sizes from 4F-24; Sheath length variable from 7cm to 25cm

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