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Guiding Extension Catheter

Introducing Expressman™ Guiding Extension Catheter with stainless steel braided layer, 35cm rapid exchange segment, and unique side holes design for increased support, smooth delivery, and most importantly providing enough antegrade blood flow when tackling the complex lesions in tortuous anatomy.

“ The Expressman™ Guiding Extension Catheter can provide backup support for advancing balloon cross the lesion, even deep inserting into diffused and small distal coronary arteries and the pressure there is still maintained, avoiding myocardial ischemia”.
------- Prof. Roberto Garbo (Director of CTO and complex PCI Program; Maria Pia Hospital, GVM care & Research, Italy)


Unique side holes design for your complex PCI practice

- To provide antegrade blood flow even in the distal coronary artery

- Auxiliary pathway while treating complex or distal long lesion

- 4 side-holes in 90° spatial distribution

True one piece design provides safer operation support

- Double welded design to connect tighter for safer transportation

35cm rapid exchange section

- Facilitating stent delivery acorss long lesion

- Reduce resistance during delivery

- Hydrophilic coating reduces resistance when advancing in tortuous anatomy

Metal mesh braided layer

- Offers excellent deliverability and pushability

Soft radiopaque tip

- Unbraided Tip of soft pebax ensure the safeness

Product Codes

REF. French size Effective length (cm) O.D. I.D. Guide segment (cm) Guiding Catheter Compatibility Note
20505603 5F 150 0.064” 0.056” 35 6F without side hole
20606603 6F 150 0.078” 0.066” 35 7F without side hole
20505604 5F 150 0.064” 0.056” 35 6F with 4 side holes
20606604 6F 150 0.078” 0.066” 35 7F with 4 side holes

Demonstration of Expressman™ Guiding Extension Catheter

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