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Hydrophilic Angiographic Catheter

Angiopointer™ Hydrophilic Angiographic Catheter is designed for Coronary and Peripheral Angiography with excellent torqueability, lubricous performance and braided design forlarge inner lumen and high flow rate, multiple curve shapes for various procedures and anatomical structure, to fit your daily practice.


Metal Mesh Braided Structure

- Offers superior torque control and kink resistance

- Provides large lumen for higher flow rate

Hydrophilic Coating

- Durable and lubricious performance for smooth advancement and reduce vessel trauma

- For easier super-selective angiography

- Keep the catheter advancement smoothy and contrast media injection stable: Only Distal part is uncoated

Soft and Atraumatic Tip

- Round and soft tip reduces the irritation on vessel wall

- Ensures good visualization under fluoroscopy

Ensures good visualization under fluoroscopy

- Maximize flexibility and compliance in vessel

- Ensures good pushability and steerability

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