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6.5F Set Gives You More


The higher and higher prevalence of complex PCI and CTO (Chronic Total Occlusion) causes an increasing demand of larger guiding catheter to fit in more devices. However 7F introducer sheath and guiding catheter are recommended via femoral artery.

The 6.5F set provides an alternative solution to approach via radial artery with larger guiding catheter inner lumen.


6.5F introducer sheath

6.5F Braidin™ introducer sheath is part of Braidin™ introducer sheath family, aiming to combine with 6.5F guiding catheter. Its braided stainless steel meshing allows an outer diameter smaller than conventional 6F introducer sheath with a 0.5F larger inner diameter.


6.5F Guiding catheter

6.5F March™ guiding catheter is part of March™ guiding catheter family. The inner diameter is 0.075”, comparing to 6F guiding catheters’0.071”inner diameter, the extra space in lumen makes the 6.5F March™ compatible with bigger and more devices. It also reduces the friction when passing multiple devices (i.e. Kissing Balloon Technique).

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