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Expressman™ 2nd Webinar "One step closer to success" Successfully Held

15 Apr 2022

On April 14th, "One step closer to success" online webinar was held to gather PCI experts around the world to discuss and share the latest clinical insights on Expressman Guiding Extension Catheter, especially on how it can help overcome the obstacles during CTO procedures.

"A 77 years old patient, with triple vessels CAD, and CABG was rejected by family, while presented with high complexity of the coronary (the "Omega" sign-like RCA), plus calcified and tortuous vessels…" but all the challenges eventually yielded to the brave heart and rich experience of the doctor, and proudly, APT 6F tapered #Expressman™ GEC partially contributed to the success: probably the only guiding extension can cross this "Ω" shape RCA is Expressman. The tapered (6F taper to 5F) Expressman™ has superb maneuverability, crossing tortuous anatomy to delivery. Thanks to Dr. Tong for excellent case sharing.

Dr. Zhai shared his experience about using 3.2F Expressman, which probably is the smallest guiding extension catheter in the marketing, to go deeper to near the lesion to get better support. During his sharing, he also used 1.7F Elong™ Microcatheter, the thinnest profile by far in the market, to advance for wire exchange. This combination is perfect for deep yet safe insertion.

There are more interesting cases shared during "One step closer to success", the Expressman webinar held on April 14th, which triggered a very fruitful discussion among the speakers online.

Thanks again to all the speakers for a very productive discussion and sharing.
If you want to watch the full sharing, please visit: