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Expressman™ - One Step Closer to Success

  • Online
  • Thursday, April 14th, 2022

April 14th (Thursday) from 7:00-9:00 PM (Beijing time).
Join a panel of CTO experts for APT Medical webinar "One Step Closer to Success" to get the latest practices and insights on Expressman™ Guiding Extension Catheter, and how it can help overcome the obstacles clinicians face today in CTO procedures.


Speaker Theme
Cheng-Han Lee The application of extension catheter with side holes in complex PCI
Chih-Hung Lai Expressman™ Extensive Guiding Catheter: the difference and clincial application
Meng-Shen Tong The application of tapered Expressman™ GEC in extremely tortuous and calcified vessel
Gábor Dékány LAD PCI impossible without guiding extension
Guangyao Zhai The application of unique 3.2F guiding extension catheter

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