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CollecTiOn - Sharing Expertise through West and East

  • Online
  • Thursday, February 4th,2021

Watch this video presented by Prof. Jianping Li, Prof. Roberto Garbo, Prof. Chiung-Jen Wu, Dr. Yuxi Li and Dr. Rony Marethianto Santoso to learn about their knowledge and experience in complex PCI procedures, especially how high-performance medical devices from APT Medical help them tackle CTO PCI.


Speaker Theme
Prof. Jianping Li Welcoming
Prof. Roberto Garbo The Utility of Guide Extension in CTO PCI
Prof. Chiung-Jen Wu Evolution of snuffbox PCI and application in complex lesions as CTO
Dr. Yuxi Li Non-Implant Treatment in CTO Cases
Dr. Rony Marethianto Santoso CTO Cases Sharing
Prof. Jianping Li Session Evaluations and Key Learnings

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