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Proximal Blunt RCA CTO - MLCTO 2023 LIVE CASE

Watch the live case performed by Dr. Alexandre Avran and Dr. Arun Kalyanasundaram during MLCTO 2023, to learn the application of Expressman™ GEC in reverse CART, and the smooth navigation of the Elong™ microcatheter through a challenging calcified lesion, along with interesting and insightful discussions.

Optimizing CTO Procedural Outcomes: Tips, Tricks and Best Practices - SOLACI-SBHCI 2023

If you're interested in gaining valuable insights and strategies to improve CTO procedural outcomes, don't miss this symposium featuring three leading experts from Brazil.

CTO Strategy and Experience Exchanges

Join four esteemed experts from France and Spain to gain valuable insights on CTO strategies and clinical experiences.

Clinical Cases of 6.5F March™ Guiding Catheter

Watch two clinical cases to find out how to maximize the value of APT 6.5F Set (6.5F #Braidin™ introducer sheath and 6.5F #March™ guiding catheter): it can offer you flexibility with additional space for more devices!

Very long calcified RCA CTO - MLCTO 2022

Watch the live case presented by Dr. Kambis Mashayekhi and Dr. Alexandre Avran during MLCTO2022 to learn how efficiently the inchworming technique is applied with Expressman™ extension guiding catheter, and how the 2.6F APT Medical #Elong™ microcatheter supported the advancement in the long severe calcified lesion in RCA, which generated a lively discussion.

Innovative access solutions for complex PCI - EuroPCR 2022

Join Prof. Lesiak, Prof. Luo Jianfang and Dr. Avran to get an update on the development of complex PCI access tools and strategies and their outlook for next-generation tools.